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Image By ががめ
Image By ががめ

What is cute, silly, educational, fun, magical, and leaves you wanting more? All the videos rounded up for your viewing pleasure:

Leaves you wanting more: At the top of the post. It doesn’t really tell you ANYTHING, but this will still get fans of Sherlock going.

Cute: Here is an anime girl dancing to “Moses Supposes” from the classic movie: Singing in the Rain. Damn adorable.


Educational: I made this little clip for my video editing students. Considering how many of us are putting together family videos to share this time of year, I thought ya’ll could learn something: Why Music Matters

Magical: I was checking out some origami videos and came upon this gem. Take a short break from work, get a cup of green tea, and watch.

My Son’s Picks

Silly: My fifteen year old son recommended this as his favorite video this week. Absolutely ridiculous. Freddie Wong is always entertaining, but be sure to check out the videos showing how it was made afterwards too.

Fun: And he also is bouncing over the new Lego feature film. Here’s the trailer:

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