Learning Statistics With Tea

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Image By Lilianna Maxwell
Image By Lilianna Maxwell

According to the results of a survey, 100% of people drink tea. What kind of people? Do they drink anything else? Does herbal tea count?

A few years ago, my kids learned about surveys: how they are made, distributed, results calculated, statistics, etc. We made our own to distribute to family and friends, getting twenty five kids and adults to participate. It was about tea.

Every part was a learning experience into the world of polling and statistics, which makes for informed citizens. Ever since our tea survey, my kids take “according to polls,” with a grain of salt. What are your kids into? Have them survey their family and friends. Tally the results. Make colorful graphs. Talk about the shortcomings of the survey, and misleading numbers.

If you’re interested in the results of our survey, here they are!

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