Robot Chicken Season 6: In Stores Now!

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Are any of our GeekMom readers Robot Chicken fans?

<Shyly raises hand.>

Heck, why am I shy about it? I love this show* and was thrilled to get a preview copy of the Robot Chicken: Season 6 Blu-ray last week. Granted, I absolutely must wait for the kids to go to bed before watching, but it’s worth the wait. My husband and I have had many ROTFL moments over the years from this show.

*I love this show despite the indication in this Blu-ray’s bonus material that more men get turned on from the show than women.

Robot Chicken is a stop-motion animation series that has been providing laughs on the Adult Swim network since 2005. If you’re unfamiliar, be prepared for some great imagination, with plenty of Barbie dolls and action figures. If you were born in the early 1970s you’d really appreciate the humor that Seth Green and Matthew Senreich bring to the stop-motion animation series. My husband and I have enjoyed Robot Chicken since its beginnings on the fledgling Adult Swim programming on Cartoon Network.

Who else loved Space Ghost Coast to CoastI digress…

Considering that my husband and I are about the same ages as Green and Senreich, it makes sense that we would understand the show’s hilarious references to He-Man, Star Wars, Rainbow Brite, Jem and the Holograms, Scooby Doo, and G.I Joe (might I add — LOTS of G.I. Joe!) as well as several other pop culture references. The writers cleverly incorporate the 70s and 80s pop culture with modern pop culture. Who remembers Shirt T-T-T-TalesIf you want to see a sample skit, check out the plethora of skits on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel.

The Season 6 Blu-Ray includes all twenty 15-minute episodes (each of which are named after a sick and twisted way to die, such as “Papercut to Aorta”) along with several hours of bonus material. The bonus material includes a “Making of…” feature, along with commentaries to accompany all twenty episodes and several hours of interviews and not-used clips. The “Making of…” feature is awesome; it explains the doll fabrication and there are interviews with the celebrity voices and skit writers. You see a behind the scenes look at the painstaking care given in arranging the puppets and sets. The 20+ deleted animatics are storyboards of sketches that didn’t make it into production. The backstory of what happened to the spider that bit Peter Parker is a personal favorite. I’m sorry it didn’t make the cut.

Robot Chicken: Season 6 on Blu-ray is available today, October 8, 2013. It retails for $39.99 and is available at major retailers such as Walmart and Amazon. It’s rated TV-MA for language, although you will also see quite a bit of animated blood and gore. It’ll make a great gift or addition to your personal Blu-ray collection.

GeekMom received this item for review purposes.

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