Exclusive Preview: DC's Trinity of Sin: Pandora #4


In Greek myth, Pandora is the character that set loose chaos on the world.

In the DC Comics Universe, Pandora was the character charged with the guardianship of a supposedly magic box which instead turned out to be the DC-equivalent of a portkey that allowed the Crime Syndicate–villains from an alternate world–to invade the DC Earth, thus kicking off the big Forever Evil event in the DC Universe.

The box/portkey has been opened, the villains loosed have wrecked chaos but Pandora is now determined to stop it. In this preview of issue #4 of her series, Pandora makes a visit to the Syndicate’s world and encounters an evil version of a DC hero: the Martian Manhunter. More importantly to the plot of the Forever Evil, Pandora finds the pieces of her box and begins her new job of putting chaos back where it belongs.

I’m not entirely sold on the Forever Evil event–DC seems to be already too full of gloom and doom–but Pandora appears to be playing a similar part as Harbringer did all those years ago in Crisis on Infinite Earths, as the catalyst and possible wild card in saving the Earth.

Written by Ray Fawkes and drawn by Francis Portela, Trinity of Sin: Pandora #4 will be available in comic stores on Wednesday and available digitally via Comixology.

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