Fund This! 10/31/13: Quidditch, Women Scientists and Makers

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It’s almost the end of October and I have another great line-up of awesome crowd-funded projects that caught my eye!

photo credit: Metography

Mudbloods- A Feature Documentary

Admittedly, I am not much of a sports fan. I was secretly ecstatic when my own children eschewed participating in organized sports teams.  But this sport, I can get behind. I’ve even gone to a UC Berkeley Quidditch game, which is saying something. Quidditch is a fast growing sport in the Muggle world, and while those of us without magic may need modifications, we play it with the same amount of enthusiasm and dedication. Mudbloods is a documentary that follows the UCLA Quidditch team as they make their way to the 5th annual World Quidditch Cup in New York City in 2011, while including the creativity and organizing force of the IQA (International Quidditch Association).This campaign ends on November 12!

Marie Cure honored in jewelry. Photo via Optimystical Studio

Heroes and Inspirations Jewelry Line

Another GeekMom keyed me into this campaign and I am in adoration of Optimystical Studio’s new designs. Highlighting famous and not as famous lady scientists, this jewelry line honors the women who have made a great impact on science. This idea alone is worth developing, but they have done it in such an attractive, wearable way. I WILL have one of those Lady Scientist Dog Tags. Help them out and secure one for yourself by November 18!

photo via Verve


This Kickstarter was sent to me from a fan of my organization, thinking some of our families might be interested. After exploring it, I think it is an interesting entry point for people who have no technical or coding skills. Basically, you can use the attachments to connect physical objects to your computer. It is more consumer friendly than the Makey Makey and the price point seems about right. And in my experience, sometimes the simplest entry point can unlock the fiercest of passions. This might be a great way to get started in understanding the concepts of circuitry and coding. Designed by inXus interactive in Irvine CA, your chance to score a Verve through this campaign ends November 25th.

Photo via Paa Joe Kickstarter

Paa Joe and the Lion Documentary

This documentary completely enraptured me. Paa Joe is the “Grandfather of Ghana’s Fantasy Coffin Trade.” I think I connected with his story because he is an old school Maker. An artist, who uses his honed skills- skills he mentors to others now, who will continue his legacy- to create beautiful, functional, custom coffins to carry loved ones into the afterlife.

There is something poetic about the idea of PaaJoe spending hours on these elaborate coffins only to be buried forever. It reminded me of monks spending weeks making intricate mandalas and then dumping them in a river, exemplifying the art of accepting impermanence. I hope this documentary gets funded, not only to show Paa Joe’s amazing work but also to give him a voice. He is in danger of losing everything: his shop, his customer base, and his future. This campaign ends November 12th.

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