"The Fox"—Video Roundup

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The Fox © Ylvis
The Fox © Ylvis

If you spend even a small amount of time online, by now you probably have a fairly good idea of exactly what the fox says. However, as with all great viral songs, it’s the parodies and spin-offs that make it a sensation. Here’s some of our favorite kid-friendly videos that have been appearing over the last few weeks, just in case you’re not sick of the song yet.

On September 14th the Ohio University Marching Band performed “The Fox” during half-time. As always from this exceptionally talented group of performers, there’s some highly impressive choreography at work here.

Every year a new dancing house lights video appears for us to marvel over and it was almost inevitable that “The Fox” would make that list this time around. Edward’s Landing Lights have decked their house up for Halloween and the results are impressive.

It didn’t take long for the X-Files fandom to get involved with this particular meme, I mean how could we not? This fanvid suggests that the fox might not say what you think he does after all.

If the original version of the song wasn’t annoying enough for you, then check out the parody from Annoying Orange that asks that age old question, what does the sock say?

And finally, if you’re curious about what the fox actually says then check out Earth Unplugged from BBC Worldwide, who have put together a video that lets you hear a variety of different fox calls and teaches you a little about what each one is believed to mean. As someone who lived opposite a family of foxes for most of her childhood I can assure you that the scream vocalization is not something you want to hear outside your bedroom window at midnight.

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