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super MLP mom logo Welcome to How To Be A Super ____ Mom! From crafts and recipes to fun toys and adventures, here are ways to take your child’s fandom and make it even more fun!

Like most memorable toys from our childhood, My Little Pony is back and now popular with our own kids! One of the biggest fandoms around and growing, DIY crafts, cosplay, and themed parties are just some of the fun ways that fans are expressing their love for the ponies of Equestria.

Here are a few ways to encourage your child’s My Little Pony fandom!

my little pony cookies justjennrecipes
image: justJENN recipes
warpzone mlp cutters
Image: Warpzone Prints

1. My Little Pony cookies

Baking is my chosen form for showing my fandom love. Who doesn’t love a tasty treat in the shape of your favorite character? Warpzone Prints has always been my go to place for finding the best in geek cookie cutters. The cutters are fabulously detailed and translate exactly the same onto dough. I’ve used the My Little Pony cookie cutters to make Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie cookies and have gotten rave reviews!

diy mlp rainbow dash hoodie
Image: Craftiness is Not Optional

2. Rainbow Dash DIY Hoodie

In our house we practice everyday cosplay. In other words, it doesn’t have to be a special day to dress up and pay homage to your favorite characters. While many outfits can be store bought, some of the best and most inspired are made by hand. Craftiness is not Optional gives a great step by step tutorial to sew your own Rainbow Dash hoodie!

mlp make your own silicone mold
Image: Doodle Craft

3. My Little Pony silicone mold

The best thing about My Little Pony is that everypony is unique. What better way to have fun with fandom than creating your very own pony? This tutorial from Doodle Craft shows you how to make a silicone mold, then just press in clay or even edible fondant and you have a base to craft a unique, customized pony!

mlp crafts pages
Image: Hasbro

4. My Little Pony free printables

Not feeling crafty? Don’t worry, Hasbro has you covered with several printable activity Pony pages. Games, mazes, and coloring pages are all available for free download!

shout factory mlp
Image: Shout Factory

5. My Little Pony DVDs

Having a pony party sleepover? Pop in a My Little Pony DVD and watch your favorite toys come to life! Shout! Factory, the company that brings classic favorites to DVD and Blu-ray has a whole line of My Little Pony DVDs. They just released My Little Pony: Equestria Girls! The best part is, it comes with an exclusive Twilight Sparkle Crown!


Here’s your chance to get a jump start at being a Super My Little Pony Mom! Head over to justJENN recipes to enter to win a My Little Pony Prize pack: a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Royal Pony Wedding DVD from Shout Factory, a Twilight Sparkle Crown also from Shout! Factory, two My Little Pony cookie cutters from Warpzone Prints, and finally, to pull it all together, a giant sized We Love Fine My Little Pony Bag! Good luck!

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