GeekMom Plays: Mech Mice Episode 1

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The GeekMom Plays series features GeekMoms playing video games in a Let's Play style.
The GeekMom Plays series features GeekMoms playing video games in a Let’s Play style. Videos can be found on the GeekMom YouTube channel. Image: VIP and Tim Post

Since my husband and I are playing more video games together in an effort to have a cheap date-night, the kids are pushing our buttons (Controller buttons! Get it?) for games they can play. This week, my 7-year-old daughter (whom I normally refer to as VIP, but has chosen the code-name Jaguar Girl) and I play through a level of Mech Mice online.

Mech Mice is currently in beta. Most of the eight levels in the first chapter are available to play for free during the beta testing period. I am happy that Hyper Hippo, the production company behind Mech Mice, has let kids try out the game before parents are asked to buy it. During beta testing, a Founders Package is available for $20 that purchases all chapters of the game that will be released. The Founders Package will not be available after the game is released October 8.

During our Let’s Play video, Jaguar Girl plays the game while I explain some of the basics. I talk about the turn based tactical aspect of the game, the movement spaces, and how the game will be presented when it is released. Jaguar Girl likes the game and is very happy to play even the easy levels. As a parent, I probably wouldn’t play this game when there are other turn based-tactical games available that are geared more toward adults.

Tune in for more on Mech Mice Let’s Play Videos soon! While you are waiting for the next level of Mech Mice, check out our last (much less kid-friendly) GeekMom Plays: The Walking Dead 500 Days.

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