Watch the Arrow Season Two Trailer; Prepare For DC Character Explosion

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Just over a month until Arrow‘s second season starts, and we’ve got a trailer to get us reacquainted with where we left off. If you haven’t finished last season or read any announcements all summer, there may be spoilers ahead.

We return to Starling City four or five months after the disaster season one concluded with. Things have changed–a lot. And the DC universe is moving in, including a long-awaited Black Canary (who isn’t Laurel), The Flash, and Bronze Tiger. Then not only is Black Canary not Laurel, but it’s her assumed-dead sister, Sara. You know, the one Oliver was cheating on Laurel with? Let’s just hope this isn’t become Arrow 90210. The Flash will be the first introduction of actual superpowers into this superhero show. And Bronze Tiger means an introduction to the “League of Assassins,” which happens to be the title of episode five.

We’ll also be seeing geek-favorite Summer Glau, who will be playing Isabel Rochev, a VP at a company that wants to take over Queen Consolidated and Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Spartacus) as Amanda Waller. One wonders if she’ll have any scenes with Slade Wilson aka Manu Bennett, who played her lover Crixus on Spartacus.

The season premieres October 9 on the CW. Watch the promo trailer:

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