Would You Rent Lego Bricks?

Screen grab from Pleygo site.

A new service called Pleygo invites users to subscribe to receive Lego bricks delivered right to their door—on a rental basis. Choose from three different price points ranging from $15-39 per month and Pleygo will keep your kid in bricks. Members can return one set in exchange for another as often as they’d like, and shipping is free. Bricks are sanitized between users and if your geekling happens to lose a brick, there’s no charge.

The premise here is that buying Lego sets is expensive. (Our own Ruth Suehle tackled the issue of the rising—or not—price of Lego bricks awhile back.) No matter what it costs to purchase a new set of bricks, those monthly rental fees are going to add up. Personally, I’d much rather save my cash for a few months and purchase a set that will add to an ongoing collection. Restricting a child’s Lego play to one set at a time eliminates the potential for free form building that comes with an assorted collection of bricks.

That said, I could see this being of value to a family residing in really tight living quarters where there’s little space for a collection of Lego bricks. Or perhaps for grandparents who want to have something new for the kids to play with each time they visit.

My Lego junkie—who maintains his own giant collection of bricks—had strong words to say about the service: “That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.”

What say you? Would you consider renting Lego bricks instead of buying them?

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