Ten Geeky Knitting Projects & Lightsaber Needles

Summer’s coming to a close and your yarn stash is calling. What is a Geek Mom to do?

What. To. Do. Indeed.

While you’re thinking, consider the geek-out possibilities of Supercapacitor Yarn.  You’re welcome.

Now check out our favorite knitting projects—in many cases with free patterns:

1. Totoro Sweater (There are several how-tos on Ravelry.)

Totoro Sweater by wldseame at Ravelry
Totoro Sweater by wldseame at Ravelry

2. TARDIS (Free pattern.)

Pixelbrid’s TARDIS. Click for step-by-step instructions

3. Portal Companion Sweater  (Created by Aarin on 6s&7s, with more extensive description on Ravelry.)

Portal Companion Sweater by Aarin.

Those of us who have A Trusted Friend in Science should probably also check out these free Portal Afghan Charts from The Happy Hooker, which look like they may intarsia really well.

4. Baby Dalek Jumper (Free pattern by Alison Bitter on Ravelry.)

Photo and pattern by Allison Bitter.

5. Star Trek Potholders (Free pattern at Off the Hook Astronomy.)

via Whipup.net & Off the Hook Astronomy

6. Binary Scarf (Free pattern at Knitty.)

via Knitty

7. Cthulhlu Mittens (Free pattern at Ravelry.)

Mittens and pattern by Diana Stafford at Ravelry.

8. Ukelele Case (Free pattern at Knitty.)

9. Robot Amiguri (Free pattern via Great Amiguri.)

Yes, this one’s crochet… but it’s too cute to skip.

via Great Amiguri

And there’s a Totoro amiguri over here.

10. One Ring Scarf (Free pattern by Diana Stafford at Ravelry.)

Pattern by Diana Stafford at Ravelry.

Additionally, check out this Felted Baby Yoda Hat (free pattern via Ravelry) and Totoro Mittens (also a free pattern)!

What are your favorite geek knitting patterns? Tell us in the comments.

And in light of your geeked-up knitting, you may want to use Instructables’ how-to-guide to make Lightsaber Knitting Needles.

Lightsaber Knitting Needles at Instructables.


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