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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint and Play © Disney

My daughter has taken a turn with a countless number of painting games on the iPad. From simple paint by numbers apps to art created by elaborate brushes and stamps, my four-year-old has seen it all. But until now only one painting game has made her exclaim, “Mom! Watch, this is awesome!” The new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint and Play not only lets my daughter add her own photos and artistic spin on everything inside the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but to her delight it changes the 2-D drawings into 3-D objects.

She loves using an assortment of brushes, especially the glitter, to color items in the clubhouse. (I’m thrilled it fulfills her “need” for glitter without involving me vacuuming a sparkly floor after.) Another favorite tool, the camera, gives her a chance to put patterns from our house into the clubhouse. And if she just wants Mickey’s Clubhouse to look like it does on the television show, she can use the Mousekebrush to paint it in a jiffy.

Once the artwork on the 2-D line illustration is complete, she taps the magic wand to turn the image into a 3-D rendering that goes back into the Clubhouse. This delights her to no end. She can then interact with the objects in the Clubhouse, including Mickey and Minnie, who look very colorful once she gets her hands on them.

There are also two mini-games inside the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. They’re not easy to find—I had to look in the Help section to locate them—but your toddler or preschooler could find them eventually just by touching everything in the Clubhouse. The cupcake decorator and the Mousekemusic player are quick, entertaining games that add a little more creativity bang for your buck.

Speaking of bucks, this isn’t a cheap app at $4.99, but if you have a little one who loves watching the adventures in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, it’s a solid investment with a lot of replay value. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint and Play is available on the iTunes store for the iPhone and iPad.

A promotional copy was provided for review purposes.

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