Magia Wallet for iPhone 5, Image: Sena

Sena Leather Cases Keep Your Tech Safe in Style

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Magia Wallet for iPhone 5, Image: Sena

Sena produces a line of beautiful leather cases for phones, tablets, and laptops that look good, keep your tech safe, and provide functionality beyond the usual cases.

The Sena Magia Wallet, designed for the iPhone 5, is a leather case with a magnetic closure that doubles as a wallet. It has three slots for credit cards on the inside as well as a pocket that runs the length of the case.

Your phone stays in place with what they call Magia Tape. It’s basically a large, sticky rectangle on the inside of the case that adheres to the back of your phone. It’s a little disconcerting thinking your phone is just taped in place, but once your phone is stuck it really doesn’t budge.

Magia Wallet for iPhone 5, Image: Sena

You can still take your phone out of the case and there’s no residue left behind. It re-sticks to the case just as easily. You  have to pull pretty hard to get it to come undone, but this is a good thing since you don’t want it coming unstuck on its own. I felt very confident that my phone wasn’t going anywhere.

The credit card slots and storage pocket are just enough to keep you from having to bring a separate wallet when you’re running quick errands. I did find the credit card slots a little tight, and although they loosened up a bit due to the leather stretching over time, getting three cards in there was difficult, so I ended up just using it for two.

The magnetic clasp is a nice feature allowing easy access to your phone, but it does add to the thickness of the case. You might find it a little bulky for slipping it in your back pocket; more than once the clasp caught on my pocket.

Magia Wallet for iPhone 5, Image: Sena

Since there’s nothing covering the front of the phone when the case is open, you do risk scratches when you turn it face down. If you’ve ever had your phone out for a text conversation and wanted to leave it out for easy access, but facedown for privacy, it can be a bit of a problem.

On the plus side, the the ports and buttons can be accessed with the case closed and you can easily take pictures with it, too. I was concerned that the small opening for the camera might cause a shadow or even reflect when using the flash, but it worked without a hitch.

If you’re tired of having a wallet in one pocket and a phone in the other, this is a great option to combine the two. It’s nice to have everything in one place, especially for running errands or on a day out with the kids at an amusement park or a fair.

Magia Zip for iPad, Image: Sena

I also tried out the Sena Magia Zip for iPad. It works with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations of the device and it turns your case into a folio that puts everything you need for work right at your fingertips.

The iPad secures to the case with the same Magia Tape that’s found in the wallet and it sticks just as well. The case comes with a stylus and has four credit card pockets and an I.D. pocket. There are also two medium pockets and one large pocket for holding extra things like receipts or business cards.

Magia Zip for iPad, Image: Sena

Much like the wallet, the slots for the credit cards are tight, but they do loosen up a little over time. The whole thing zips closed, so if you have larger papers that you need to tuck away you can put them in there and be sure you won’t be leaving a trail on your way back to your office.

It’s also got a handy built-in stand that pops out from the back of the case. The stand is completely recessed when it’s closed so it doesn’t add bulk to the design but is still strong enough when open that you can use your iPad without pushing it over accidentally.

The Magia Wallet for iPhone 5 retails for $54.95. The Magia Zip for iPad retails for $119.95. Both are stylish cases that will keep your tech safe and provide extra functionality to make your life easier.

Disclaimer: I received these cases for review purposes.

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