Butterfingers! Part One: Road Testing iPhone Cases

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Candy Shell From Speck

A few years ago, my husband gave me an awesome case for my iPhone 4. It was made by Speck, and it was durable, clean looking, and best of all – it had a slot along the back that was big enough for my credit card, drivers license and my ID from work. To put it professionally: It totally ruled.  When you work for NBC Universal, you can’t get anywhere without your ID I’m sure some of you out there have jobs like this where you need an ID to get by a front desk, swipe for the elevator, swipe to open doors, use for security-on and on.  Many people wear lanyards or those little clip things with the retractable ID leash you attach to your pocket. I loathed both of those things, and so, having my ID in my phone, and being able to just swipe my phone instead of pulling a card out of my pocket or purse made my life easier.

So many people have commented on this case – co-workers, cashiers, waiters, et cetera, that I thought it might be a good idea to share it on GeekMom, as well as highlight some other great cases for both the iPhone and iPad that I’ve road tested.

So let’s start with that fabulous CandyShell Card from Speck:

I’ve already described a lot about what I like about this case, so let me just add that as a mom, this case has streamlined my life. It’s one less bag to carry, and only one thing to add to the diaper bag, as opposed to a phone plus wallet. I can run errands without having to lug my huge purse around, and I’ve said goodbye to the days of turning around to go back home and get my phone. I cannot leave the house without my phone. Because now, this is simply not an option. There are too many things on the leaving the house checklist wrapped up in my phone. If you’re wondering why credit cards don’t get demagnetized, it’s because there’s a thick rubber backing protecting them. So don’t worry.

If you’re nervous about carrying your cards around in your phone, but still want a durable, shockproof case, then consider any of the awesome bright candy shell phones from Speck. In general, you can’t go wrong with a Speck case. They’re marvelous and fun.

The Q Card Case

Q Card Case by CM

Next, I gave the Q Card Case by CM a try. This promised the same kind of ease and convenience as the Speck case in that it has a little wallet area in the back. It’s also got the added bonus of a more flexible leather opening. The leather gives after a while to give you enough room for 3 cards and a little bit of cash. That’s very nice for a small purse on a Mom’s Night Out, I have to admit, and while I initially worried that it would get too loose, it didn’t relax so much that I worried about things falling out. I loved the look of the leather flap too, more so than the Speck – but the one thing I didn’t like was that any card or ID I put in there was a little more obvious. The outside flap on the Speck case covers more of the card, so it doesn’t scream, “Hello! I am carrying credit cards so why not steal my phone kthxbi.” But not so much that I wouldn’t continue to use it.

This case is thick and protective without making my phone feel like a brick, and easy to slip in and out of a wallet or purse. I hate rubberized phone cases that get stuck in pockets. Hate may be too strong a word, but you’re the one reading about iPhone cases, so maybe you feel me on this. ::fistbump::

The Pantone BookCase

Pantone Bookcase – Scarlet Sage 6

I’m not going to even pretend I don’t sometimes hand my child an iPhone at a restaurant, just so I can have an adult conversation. I totally do this.  I could pretend that I only do this kind of thing when we’re on long car trips or plane rides, or that she only plays with toys that I hand carve from wood pieces that I up-cycle, but please.

I loved this Pantone case-it’s sleek and pretty, and has a nice texture. True to its name, it has a book-like feel to it-and best of all, you can use the case to prop up the phone for landscape viewing. The texture of the case keeps it from slipping and collapsing-something I appreciate since, hello, I am in the middle of a rare adult conversation and don’t want to keep readjusting the screen. The drawbacks? While sleek, this case is not super shock proof, so I wouldn’t allow a 2 year old to just toss it around. And unless you’re a fan of the Pantone color wheel, which certain color geeks are wont to be, you may not like the Pantone logo and color strip on the cover.

The X-Doria Kick

X-Doria Kick

If you’re looking for shock proof, the X-Doria Kick might be the one for you.  I loved how super light this case was-and I can tell you, as a bona fide spaz that has dropped her phone more than once, this case is shockproof. I wish I could just tell you that I think it’s shockproof, but sadly, I am not super graceful.

The kickstand is sturdy and great for FaceTime or watching media on your airline tray table. (See above for confession about other occasions where I also use kickstand like features on iPhones.) Good, simple, functional case.

Obex iPhone Case


The Obex Waterproof Case & Holster

Look, I’m not a sporty lady. My husband affectionately calls me “City Mouse.” I’m not a girly girl-it’s just that I’ve never been camping. We recently went on a trip to Yosemite, and for me, being out in nature, and witnessing those mountains and forest was a revelation. While we were there, we stayed at a place where you can rent a cabin and have room service delivered to your door, so don’t worry-I still technically haven’t been camping. But I did actually do a couple of honest to God hikes while we were there, and I tried out the Obex. See, I look at a phone case like this, read the specs, and I think, “What the heck are people doing that they might drop their phone in a lake?”

But when we hiked up to some of the falls, the spray was so heavy that I was glad to have the waterproof case! It does come with a holster that seemed secure to me, but I don’t know, I feel kind of dorky wearing a holster. Maybe that’s because I was around for the decade of pagers and didn’t feel like kicking it 90s style.

I hope this helps you narrow down the field a little bit. Sorry I didn’t get to any of those cases in those mall kiosks, though I totally have my eye on that giant rubber monkey one. In my next installment, I’ll run through some great iPad covers that I’ve also been putting through their paces.

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