GeekMom Plays: The Walking Dead 400 Days Episode 2

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Welcome back for episode 2 in our GeekMom Plays: The Walking Dead 400 Days series!

This week, Tim and I play through Shel’s story. Almost a year into the zombie apocalypse, Shel’s story reminds me more of  season 1 of the game. This is because of the way the game puts me into “mama-bear mode” protecting a child, and because of the hard choices that have to be made for the other characters.

There is quite a bit more action in this week’s episode, and not quite as much conversation. We hope you enjoy!

If you want to play along with us, The Walking Dead: 400 Days can be purchased for $5 (you will also need at least one episode of season 1).

If you missed last week, there is a playlist on the GeekMom YouTube channel with both episodes. See you next Tuesday!

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