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Image: Palm Kids

Get your kids started learning about evolution early with evolution-based toys from Palm Kids. The company is gauging interest for a new subscription program, called Evolvems, that you can sign up for with no obligation. Your first shipment is available for only the cost of shipping ($3.47). They will send you monthly shipments after that, for $14.95 plus shipping, unless you call and cancel your membership.

What do you get in your first shipment?

Image: Kate Miller

The first Evolvems shipment will contain a two-in-one stuffed toy that evolves as you turn it inside out, creature stickers, educational activities, digital comics, and–I think this is the best part–a Giant Evolution Timeline.

The Evolution Timeline is pretty spectacular. We’ve had one for years, and my kids will unfold it in the hallway and make up all kinds of time- and evolution-based games to play. It shows the evolution of creatures throughout time, complete with facts about them and major extinctions. It’s very durable, and contains activities to do. (The website says that the Timeline is 58 inches long, whereas mine is about 18 feet long, so they may be making a shorter version–it may not yet be determined.)

Image: Palm KidsIf you like what you see in the first shipment, you can continue your membership each month. In later Evolvems shipments, you will receive things like more stickers and activities, a new Evolvems toy, and more. There is no minimum purchase required and you can cancel at any time. But by continuing your membership, you would send a message that there is a demand for evolution-based toys, which help kids learn about science as they play.

Check out the Evolvems website and get in line for your first shipment! You won’t be disappointed, and neither will your kids.

Disclaimer: Former GeekMom writer Kate Miller is the creator of the magnificent and not-to-be-missed Giant Evolution Timeline.

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