Who's Your Doctor?

The Doctor Who Limited Edition Gift Set., released in 2012
The Doctor Who Limited Edition Gift Set., released in 2012.

With the new breaking yesterday that Matt Smith is leaving the role of the Doctor in the iconic Doctor Who series, speculation erupted immediately upon his replacement.

True to fandom form, my first Doctor remains my favorite, and that’s 9, played by Christopher Eccleston. Yes, I know 10 is the sexy choice but he just didn’t do it for me. Maybe a little too human and not remote or weird enough? I expected little from Matt Smith but he’s more than exceeded expectations as 11. I’m going to miss him a great deal though, I admit, this season with Clara never seemed to hit the right note for me. It took me forever to get River Song too, and now she’s a favorite, so I kept hoping but…..

Everyone has an idea on the next Doctor. John Scalzi seemed to be team Emma Thompson on his twitter feed yesterday, though he also jokingly suggested Robert Pattison of Twilight fame. My favorite tweet was his suggestion of crossing fandom streams and having Sir Patrick Stewart at the next Doctor. (Ghostbusters, Trek and Who references all in 140 characters. Score!)

The GeekMoms had some idea as well:

  • Idris Elba, who had some of the best moments of Thor, and is well-known for his Luthor crime series.
  • Eddie Izzard because, Eddie Izzard.
  • Patrick Stewart, suggested because GeekMom Sarah Pinault is a bit tired of the Doctors growing younger and younger. In that vein, she also suggested Sir Ian McKellan (talk about crossing fandom streams!) and Alan Dale.
  • Paul Bettany was GeekMom Natania Barron’s choice and if we’re staying with younger doctors, I can’t argue with that.
  • Martin Freeman, because GeekMom Patricia Vollmer says he’s already proven to be charming, witty, and good in science fiction.
  • David Thewlis was GeekMom Jackie Reeve’s choice. “I think he could seem wise and unhinged at the same time, maybe even right on the edge of creepy. I think he would play The Doctor with a calm, I-know-something-you-don’t-know wink. I could also just listen to his voice all day long.”
  • GeekMom Kay said: Stephen Fry, because he is generally awesome, and witty, and warm. Michael Palin. He can do straight and slightly out of kilter and totally deranged, and have a paternally companiony relationship. Anthony Stewart Head would be interesting in a return to the less goofy, while still fun loving, Doctor.
  • GeekMom Brigid Ashwood suggested anyone other than a white male and Elba or Thompson certainly fits that sentiment. 

I’m on board with Brigid. I’d love to see a woman in the role or at least someone other than another white male. (Okay, I’d prefer to have Eccleston back but that’s not happening ever.)

I agree that Thompson would be great but it’d also be terrific fun to see Meryl Streep let loose in the role. Or a really off-the-wall casting choice, such as Queen Latifah or Tiny Fey. (Though I wonder if suggesting an American actor as the Doctor is a larger blasphemy than suggesting the  Doctor be a woman.)

But if I had to pick a white male? I first thought of Christian Bale because, hey, Batman can do anything. But that made me realize that the original television Batman, Adam West, just might be the perfect choice.  Even if, somedays, he can’t get rid of a bomb.

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