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Holy-cow-I-am-so-excited!! The first episode of the two-part finale of Strip Search will be on the Penny Arcade YouTube channel today. The level of my excitement is so high, the theme for this week’s playlist is cartoons and comics in honor of the show.

If you are unfamiliar with Strip Search, it is a reality show (the only one I have ever watched an entire season of and have high anticipation of new episodes). Twelve comic artists, from all over North America, were gathered in a house in Seattle by Penny Arcade creators Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik. These twelve artists then participated in multiple challenges while slowly being eliminated over the course of 28 episodes. Now, Strip Search is down to three finalists and the final two episodes will be on YouTube tonight and next Tuesday.

It’s a double deal this week. There is a playlist of all of the Strip Search episodes. There is also a list of various comic and cartoon related videos by miscellaneous artists for your viewing pleasure.

Our playlists are growing every week! If you enjoyed the Game of Thrones Tea Party, tune in on Monday for a new Tea Party series ::cough, cough:: True Blood ::cough, cough::.

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