The Turncoat: Renegades of the Revolution

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When author Donna Thorland asked if she could send me a review copy of her new book, The Turncoat: Renegades of the Revolution, she offered up some geek cred: she was one of the writers of Tron: Uprising‘s season finale. That, coupled with the impressive book trailer that she created, convinced me to give it a read.

Inspired by Quaker Lydia Barrington Darragh, who in 1777 “put her patriotism before her pacifism,” the author paints this moment in history with a story of female strength. With the Revolutionary War as a backdrop, The Turncoat takes readers from the barracks of the Continental Army to a hearthside with Alexander Hamilton and beyond as Kate fights for her own life and that of the man she loves.

Photo: New American Library
Photo: New American Library

Fictional protagonist Kate Grey disapproves of her father aiding the Continental Army, but Arthur Grey isn’t a Quaker; he was only married to one. Now a widow, he leaves Kate at home to tend to the farm. Only that plan didn’t go so well. Not long after Mr. Grey heads off to Philadelphia with arms, food, and supplies to support the troops, the British arrived on Kate’s doorstep.

While Kate has no intention of getting involved in the intricacies of war, she finds herself drawn to Peter Tremayne. Intelligent conversation leads to a romantic spark between the two. Before they can act upon their desires, the war interferes, they’re separated, and Kate finds herself trapped in a situation that calls her pacifism into question. On the run with a spy, Kate must lie and deceive her way to safety. But when Peter Tremayne reappears, she’s caught up in a situation that tests her heart and pits two men against one another.

With plot twists, suspense, unexpected familial ties, and a most unusual love scene, the author crafts a story that will keep readers turning the page to find out which character the book’s title refers to and just how the various alliances play out.

*The author provided a copy of this book for review*

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