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This week, the GeekMoms are relaxing before a Star Wars weekend, buying new cars, stage managing, and back from vacation!

Dakster Sullivan will be enjoying her last Saturday free before the Star Wars Weekends season. This means resting up, drinking lots of water, and making sure all of her costumes are good to go. She hopes to debut a new costume this year, so stay tuned to see what she has planned.

Rachel Cericola just got herself a new car. She will be spending the next few days racking up miles, attempting to look cool, and renewing her license (which the dealer told her was expired–d’oh!). Otherwise, she is looking forward to Mother’s Day, which will include a mid-morning lacrosse game followed by a late brunch and some family love.

Rebecca is currently typing up a costume change list to coordinate with the scene changes to have on either side of the stage…nevermind. She is finishing up all the details for a children’s musical she is directing this Saturday called We Haz Jazz. Crazy week!

Ariane is back from a fun-filled vacation in Hawaii and ready to tackle the busy month ahead! She is helping out in a Kids Programming class this weekend, attending the Bay Area Maker Faire next week, and helping host a mini-Maker Faire for the launch of the new Santa Barbara Makerspace at the end of the month.

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