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Amy is gearing up for her son’s third birthday party this weekend, which coincides with Cinco de Mayo. He only wants big kids at the party and he wants the theme to be pink. Pinko de Mayo, here we come!

Rebecca is coming off of a lovely birthday week. At first she didn’t really care much because so many other things were going on, most notably, her daughter was in a big play, and Rebecca is coming to the end of directing her own musical. It is a crazy season. However, her family and friends did not forget her birthday. On the actual day, her good friend Amy brought gluten-free cupcakes into their homeschooling group and everyone sang. It is good to be mothered by friends. The next day, her husband took her to see Jake Shimibukuro. AMAZING. And the next day, her niece pulled off a surprise party. Much happiness 🙂

After two years of trying, Sophie is finally going to attend a Free Comic Book Day event, even if it means having to catch a train to another city because nowhere in hers is participating. She is obscenely excited about getting her hands on the first mini issue of The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys. In other news she is incredibly proud of her son who has finally mastered riding his scooter and is now happily riding to pre-school and back, even if there have been a few injuries along the way.

She’s been meaning to get to it for, oh, years, but Kris Bordessa has finally — mostly — updated her professional website. She still needs to add a page featuring Great Medieval Projects You Can Build Yourself but keeps getting sidetracked with other writing projects. Cobblers shoes and all that.

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