How to Make Your Own Steampunk Goggles

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Next, it’s time for the straps. Use the elastic strap as a template for the length and width of your leather (or canvas or faux leather, depending on what you decide to use). To hide the rough side of the leather, thread it through so that the buckles actually adjust on the inside of the goggles.

Glue the side buttons and gears back on. Double check that your Rub ‘n Buff has completely cured and that you’ve rubbed off any excess (otherwise they’ll double as practical joke goggles when you try wearing them and end up covered in silver paint). Once you’ve done that, your goggles are suitable for wearing or mounting to your favorite Victorian-style hat.

Some variations I’ve seen on this include coating the outside of the goggles with leather instead of using the Rub ‘n Buff and using mesh or screen in place of the welding shades. If you make this project, I’d love to see your results!

Happy costuming!

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  1. Do I really need to use Rub N’ Buff? I have Modern Masters and Folkart paints in most of these colors, and I really want to start on these.

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