GeekMom Puzzle of the Week #47 – Solution and Winner


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As usual on Saturdays I get to announce our Puzzle of The Week winner who was selected at random from all the correct entries. Many congratulations to:

Emily C

Here is last week’s puzzle.

Using the sound clues, identify the video game:

  • Combining form meaning “twice,” “two,” used in the formation of compound words
  • Under obligation to pay or repay
  • Joint in a horses hind leg that corresponds to the human ankle
  • Collective term for a person’s relatives
  • Used by fish for propulsion, steering and balance
  • Noun suffix often used for minerals, fossils and explosives

So the solution we needed was:

  • Bi
  • Owes
  • Hock
  • Kin
  • Fin
  • -ite

Bioshock Infinite

Look out for a new puzzle starting tomorrow.

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