The iGo Power Trip 4700: Stylish and Portable Battery Power

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iGo Power Trip 4700, Image: iGo
iGo Power Trip 4700, Image: iGo

In the never-ending quest to keep all your devices powered while you’re on the road, the iGo Power Trip 4700 is a battery you’re going to want in your charging arsenal. It’s got plenty of power, is lightweight, and comes in fun colors so you’re not stuck with another boring gadget in your bag.

The iGo Power Trip 4700 can charge most smartphones twice before it runs out of juice. This is likely more than most of us need in any given day and means you can charge your own phone and help out a battery-challenged friend.

It’s not just for phones, though, and can also be used to boost the battery on your iPad or Kindle. There’s no need to carry two batteries for two devices and this one is small enough that you won’t mind having it in your bag.

It weighs just 110 grams so it really is lightweight enough to carry all day without feeling like you’re carrying a small boulder. It’s also small, coming in at 107mm x 61mm x 14mm so you can easily slide it in to the smallest of spaces. There are smaller batteries on the market, but that reduced size also means reduced power. The iGo Power Trip 4700 gives you more power with only a minimal increase in size.

The battery is charged via an included USB to Micro USB cable so you can either plug it into a USB wall adapter or even the side of your laptop to recharge the battery. There’s a convenient Mini USB tip included so you’ll be able to charge pretty much any smartphone without carrying a bunch of different cables. It’s also got an LED readout on the front so you can see just how much juice is left in your battery.

In addition to being small, lightweight and powerful, the iGo Power Trip 4700 comes in great colors. You can choose from bright blue, pink or purple if you want to have a little fun. Don’t worry, you can also go with good old black, white or gray.

The iGo Power Trip 4700 retails for $59.99 which makes it a great product at a great price and one you’ll be glad you have when your phone gives you that dreaded low battery warning.

I received this product for review purposes.

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