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This week the GeekMom writers found so many cool videos on the internet; I don’t even know where to start! Tap dancing, mock movie trailers (think Star Wars), game reviews that involve cooking, making burritos in space — you name it, it’s possible we found it. A few of my favorites from this week are here to get your attention, but there are many more in the weekly playlist.

Tap dancing is neat. But tap dancing to a Mario theme is awesome!

This may not be the real trailer for the movie some of us are jumping up and down like swooning teenagers to see, but it’s worth a LOL.

It’s a board game review turned cooking show featuring a guy with an accent…why wouldn’t I watch this? If you are interested in the game reviewed in this video, I did find it on Amazon for around $35.

Space. Burrito. Need I say more?

This week’s playlist can be found on the GeekMom YouTube Page. If you are looking to catch up with the Game of Thrones Tea Party, that playlist is also up-to-date with this past Sunday’s hangout. Enjoy!

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