Throw Your Money at the Fresh Beat Band Concert – But Don’t Throw Your Kids, Please

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The Fresh Beat Band © Nickelodeon
The Fresh Beat Band © Nickelodeon

If you have a preschooler, there’s a good chance you know Nick Jr.’s Fresh Beat Band – and possibly all the words to their songs. The show is silly, simple, and sweet, which makes it ideal for the toddler and preschool set.

After a high-demand concert tour last year, the Fresh Beats are coming back this fall to a city near you for a show certain to get your kids on their feet. With a high energy show tailored to preschoolers, the Fresh Beat Band can be a good introduction to a real rock concert experience – with rock concert prices.

I took my daughter to see the Fresh Beat Band last fall as they made their way up to Washington state. She hooted and hollered as soon as they took the stage, thrilled at seeing her favorite band member Kiki live and in person. Like the show, though, it’s Twist (played Jon Beavers) who really gets the kids grinning and grooving. Twist has a genuine enthusiasm and unabashed goofiness that shine through in the concert.

Fresh Beat BandThe show runs an hour long including a brief intermission. While this is just the right amount of time for young kids’ attention spans and energy levels, it might leave parents grumbling about the bang for their buck. Speaking of bucks, if you’re brave enough to venture near the merchandise booth with your kiddo in tow, be prepared for your typical rock concert wares and prices.

The concert featured the familiar tunes from Fresh Beat Band episodes, and the entire arena was filled with bouncing, happy kids. Pandemonium broke loose when band members made their way from the stage through the crowd. Children were literally being tossed into the aisles by camera-toting parents hoping to score their kid a high-five from a Fresh Beat. Parents: your child does not need to touch a Fresh Beat Band member. They will still love you even if Shout doesn’t give them a hug.

The Fresh Beat Band: Live in Concert tour kicks off in Texas in November. Tickets are available now for the concert and a “VIP” meet and greet opportunity with the band. If your child adores the show, your Junior Beat will love the concert as well, likely making it money well spent.

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