Aerial7 Neo Earbuds Offer Memory Foam Ear Cushions

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Aerial7 Neo Earbuds, Image: Aerial7
Aerial7 Neo Earbuds, Image: Aerial7

The Aerial7 Neo Earbuds offer great performance and a unique memory foam cushion that helps them stay put in your ears. Especially if you’re doing vigorous exercise that means jumping and lunging, and sweating, then you’re going to find this a fantastic set of earbuds.

It’s a bit of a challenge finding a pair of earbuds that won’t slip out of your ears during a workout and there’s nothing worse than having the darn things dangling around your neck getting tangled. I’ve tried a lot of styles, and short of the ones that go over your ears, haven’t found anything that can handle a good workout.

If sound is your main concern then these deliver nicely. The bass is rich without overwhelming the music and the vocals are crisp and clear. They’ve also got a braided cable that’s more durable than the standard plastic cables and resists tangles when shoved into a gym bag, although they do come with a nice leather carrying case, too.

What makes these different is the addition of a pair of memory foam cushions for your ears. There are also three pairs of standard ear gels, but it’s the foam that I was interested in testing out. First, I found that they didn’t mess with the sound at all. They’re thick and look like they should, but they did not compromise the sound quality.

How’d they do in the gym? Overall, they fared pretty well. If you’re doing cardio and working up a sweat, they don’t slide out which was a huge benefit for me. On the eliptical, the arc and the treadmill they lasted through my whole workout without sliding out of my ears constantly. I didn’t have to adjust them at all.

If you’re doing something more vigorous with a lot of jumping and bouncing, then they don’t fare quite as well. It’s not the sweat that makes them slip, but the movement, although it does take a bit and they don’t fall out instantly. If your aerobic workouts involve lots of motion, then these are not your earbuds.

The Aerial 7 Neo Earbuds retail for $60 and come in a variety of colors. Though not ideal for vigorous workouts, as an everyday pair of earbuds and for moderate exercise, they sound good, look good, and stay put through your workout.

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