This Week With The GeekMoms


Corrina is preparing for the winter storm due to hit today. Two feet of snow is a considerable storm even for a New England native. She hopes the storm doesn’t cancel the honor roll assembly for her youngest son, as he’s so proud of what he’s accomplished. She also spent time with the youngest daughter this week, learning all about a new-to-her video game that is keeping her entranced.

After making it through last weekend’s blizzard, Rachel Cericola is kind of sad to see the snow disappear so soon. That said, power is her friend. She’s going to leave all of the carnage behind this weekend and hit the road to see friends, family, and at least one children’s museum.

Dakster Sullivan has nothing special going on this weekend, so instead, she’s going to make something up. “On Friday, I’m flying to New York to tour the DC Comics offices and have an interview lunch with Dan Didio and Gail Simone. Saturday, I’ll be flying to LA to get a behind the scenes look at the making of the Ultimate Spider-Man and Sunday I will be flying home for a relaxing day of writing and spending time with my son.”

Chaos Mandy is looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day a little late. She plans on spending a romantic evening with her husband on Sunday as they watch the newest episode of The Walking Dead.

Brigid is celebrating her husband’s new job and looking forward to her daughter’s first middle school play.

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