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Despite my protests, summer always leaves eventually. I live in the southern US, so I can pretend for a long time, but come January, I have to face it. It’s just plain cold. There are only two ways to make that better: gingerbread lattes, which leave after Christmas, and funky tights, which are always your friend. Here are a few of my favorites.

TARDIS tights (and dress)

Black Milk Clothing is known for awesomely geeky threads. You’ve probably seen their R2-D2 bathing suit. In the past, their tights have included space invader and Tetris themes. Right now what you can pick up are these police box leggings that may remind you of a certain favorite Doctor. There’s also a matching dress.

Image credit: Black Milk Clothing

The more bold among you may be interested in their muscle tights or mechanical leggings, for the full steampunk look.

Mass Effect

It’s not too hard to come by N7 t-shirts, hoodies, and even wallets, but there are no official leggings like the ones Etsy seller Peachykiki is making:

Image credit: Etsy seller Peachykiki

No bones about it, these legs were made for running

Nike’s x-ray leggings that came out in the fall are so popular, they’ve been sold out online practically since they were released. You may be able to find them in a local Nike store, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Say it with your legs

Etsy seller tattoosocks has your legs covered. Or will, since there’s almost certainly something in this tattoo-tights collection you’ll like, whether you’re a Twitter addict, a True Blood fan, or a cephalopod lover. My personal favorite: Don’t Panic.


Speaking of Etsy sellers, TejaJamilla makes hand-printed tights with themes from pirate to steampunk. Octopus-pirate-narwhal, anyone?

Image credit: Teja Jamilla

Something you can afford

A lot of these tights are awesome, but not cheap. (Just browsing Les Queues de Sardines breaks my wallet!) Blue Banana is here to help you with something you can afford with lots of great tights for less than $5, like these not-so-named Jack Skellington tights.

Polka, Dot? (Don’t mind if I do!)

If you’re not ready to completely out yourself as a total geek in public, but you still want something a little funky, Betsey Johnson is the answer. Try Dr. Betsey And Mrs. Hyde.


I do it myself!

I feel like no geek list is complete until bacon comes up. Unfortunately, I found no bacon tights. The best I could do was bacon socks. So if you must have bacon tights, or if none of the above suit your cold-weather dreams, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Here are a few tutorials that will help you customize your tights in any way you like:

And if you’re still mourning the passing of gingerbread lattes as the holiday season ends, you can always pick up some gingerbread syrup to tide you over until next December.

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