The Zombie Apocalypse 21 Day Countdown

Photo: Judy Berna (zombie prepared)

Don’t be alarmed, but I’m here to inform you that there are only 21 days left before the Mayan calendar ends…or the world ends…or Twinkies end…no, wait, that already happened.

For the past few years, my teenage boys have been planning for Dec 21, 2012, which is the date they believe the Zombie Apocalypse will finally happen. I’m not really sure how the Mayan calendar thing got tied to the zombie theme (fellow GeekMom writers and their offspring seem to agree it has something to do with great horror movies) but we’re taking it as the gospel truth and making plans accordingly. If you’re with us, and have discovered you’re actually a bit concerned for yourself, for the safety of your family, friends and neighbors, follow along with us, as the GeekMom clan gives you a countdown to the inevitable.

For the next three weeks I will give you a daily tip for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. Some will be somewhat helpful. Some will be nothing more than mildly amusing. But all will be submitted with the goal of having as many geeks  as possible alive, when the sun rises on Dec 22nd. If we’re going to rebuild the planet, having a bunch of GeekMoms, GeekDads, and Geekkids on the job can only be a good thing.

So let’s begin day one with the obvious. Stock up.

In a wonderful twist of fate, the holiday season falls at the same time that we’re making our last preparations for the invasion of bloodied zombies. Things are on sale! It’s time to buy in bulk!

Your living room should be well stocked with not only a few token holiday gifts for the family, it should be lined with crates of canned foods, first aid supplies, toilet paper (just because you’re surrounded by savages doesn’t mean you have to turn into one too), bottled water, and weapons. And as for those gifts under the tree, they should contain survival items as well. Don’t worry, little Susie will be thrilled that she didn’t get her Easy Bake Oven once she realizes the ax she unwraps is much more helpful for saving her life in the new world order.

If you have the space, don’t hold back. I know I can only survive so long on canned Spam and chili beans, so throw in some quality chocolates (I recommend plenty of Tootsie Pops and Snickers bars). If you live in a colder climate, drag out every extra blanket and pillow you have stored in the back of hall closets. They are great for keeping warm and being comfy when the power grid eventually goes down and extra sheets can always be torn up to make bandages if needed.

It’s the weekend, so I would guess many of you are shopping in the next two days. Keep in mind that it’s time to fill the cart with a few zombie fighting extras, along with the gallons of milk and loaves of bread that are on your daily list. And if you have even the slightest desire to stay alive to see the new year, stay tuned to your favorite blog (that would be for further tips and instructions.

Side note: Feel free to submit your own fabulous, life saving ideas in our comments section. There can never be too much information when it comes to survival.

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