GeekMom Zombie Apocalypse Countdown (19 Days to go)

Photo: Judy Berna

Okay, the days are clicking away. I don’t know if you’re feeling it yet, but this Zombie Apocalypse thing is coming faster than Christmas. In fact, it’s due to hit four days before Christmas, so put down that holiday party calendar and let’s get serious!

The GeekMom tip for the day is to spend a bit of time (and possibly money) on a handy page the people at Amazon put together for us. It’s official title is “Zombie Apocalypse Supplies” and it’s stocked with all sorts of supplies you might have forgotten about.

For instance, these snazzy two way radios would come in very handy if someone from your group needs to venture out on their own.

And don’t forget cut resistant gloves and protective eye wear. Zombies are not the most polite guests to ever show up at your door (or window, or basement…) and you wouldn’t want a little bit of zombie juice to totally ruin your day.

You can also stock up on that good ole duct tape we discussed yesterday.  Buy a lot but also be mindful to buy some snappy designs. Life in the midst of zombies doesn’t have to be all camo and black. Get some printed with your favorite sports team, to remind yourself of happier days.

Tomorrow brings us some creative ideas for fighting zombies. Any suggestions to add?

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