GeekMom Zombie Apocalypse Countdown (16 Days to Go)

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By now you should have your weapons figured out, including the logistics of breeding a few dozen hamsters. If you have no idea what hamsters have to do with living through the zombie apocalypse, see yesterday’s post. But hamsters aside, it’s now time to share a few of the zombie related posts my fellow GeekMom writers have been sharing with you for the past couple of years. Between exploring the science behind zombies, to cooking zombie related foods, we pretty much have this topic covered. Now that the time for action is drawing near, let’s revisit some of the best GeekMom posts from days past, that relate to our favorite enemies, the zombies.

GeekMom Patricia enjoyed a panel discussion at Dragon*Con which related to a post-apocalyptic world. Her post explains why you might want to consider looking into getting a license for operating a ham radio.

Do you have a house full of kids who might need to be entertained when the world shuts down? Why not play some zombie related games, to soften the terror that might linger in a young child’s heart when he realizes he may be eaten before the day’s over? GeekMom Andrea did a nice job on this post, outlining some fun, distracting, zombie games. And I just have to share with you this fabulous picture of a zombie Elvis hanging out on her front porch.

Elvis Zombie, just hangin’ out, waiting for the show to start. Photo: Andrea Schwalm

Then we have an extensive post, written by GeekMom Laura, which will leave you wondering if we’re preparing for the wrong fight. The title of her post: Prepare for Robot Overlords. Zombies or Robots? Read Laura’s post, then decide for yourself.

Here’s a new angle for your research: GeekMom Jules read, loved and enthusiastically reviewed a book called The Brain Eaters Bible. It’s not a book for those of us fighting zombies. It’s a book for the newly reanimated zombie. Don’t forget, there is a chance you will be infected. This is the book that will help you survive from there. For the not-yet-infected, it’s a great peek into how the zombie thinks and reacts.

Another gem by GeekMom Laura is this fun video discussing the science behind zombies. The marker board graphics are fun to watch and by the end of this two minute tutorial, you’ll be even more convinced that our zombie preparations are a good idea.

Because I promised you a zombie food related link at the beginning of this post, welcome to a yummy concoction by GeekMom Jessamyn. An Apocalypse cake (or cupcakes, which will be easier to transport, should you need to be on the run) is the perfect way to celebrate the fact you’re still alive.

An awesome zombie cake by GeekMom Jessamyn. She gets credit for the picture too.

I pointed you to this post a few days ago, but it’s worth re-visiting if you’re serious about joining us on survivor island (otherwise known as the wide open fields of Kansas where we’ll do our best to start re-populating the planet). Here are GeekMom Nicole’s Five Rules for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, with appropriate warnings to be careful about how much education you get from watching The Walking Dead.

Ever feel like a zombie yourself, having stayed up way too late reading a great book? It’s a double whammy if the book you were reading was about zombies. Check out this post by Laura Grace, about how books can make us zombies – at least the kind that doesn’t drool or have eyeballs falling out of your head.

To round out our list, here’s a lovely post by GeekMom writer Kay, including a video of one of her favorite zombie songs. It’s a pretty little number, called “If I Were a Zombie” sung by Stephanie Mabey. Hey, between the songs, games, food and videos, you can never say we aren’t a well rounded group around here.

Tune in tomorrow for yet another helpful post. And don’t forget, the title of this post is accurate… you only have 16 days left to prepare!


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