GeekMom Zombie Apocalypse Countdown (14 Days to Go)

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Photo: Judy Berna

Two weeks. We only have two weeks left, folks! Are you ready?

In the course of writing these posts I have become more zombie literate than I ever thought possible. Sure, a couple of years ago my teenage sons started casually dropping the words “zombie apocalypse” around the house. I mildly paid attention, as much as moms do when they’re trying to act interested while simultaneously stirring boiling noodles and folding towels. I was introduced to the word chainmail and tried not to be concerned as I cleaned off the kitchen table for dinner and found myself stacking random papers with various weapons sketched all over them.

The year 2012 seemed so far away in those days. The planning seemed harmless enough and kept the boys busy on a constructive group project. Then we found out we were moving from New York to Colorado. There were actual conversations about how this move would affect their extensive planning. Our New York house had the perfect spiked roof, something the boys were happy to fall back on if they happened to be chased out of the house. Their plan was to sit on the peak, to ensure good visibility of any approaching zombies and give them the literal upper hand in knocking them out/down if they got too close.

What would we do if we were forced to live in a new house that had more tame roof lines? How would the new climate and geography affect their survival plans? We entered a new stage of preparation. Although we were distracted for most of the autumn months by overwhelming political ads (we live in a swing state, after all), the zombie plans were still on simmer. We had finally reached the year 2012 and the date of December 12 was on the horizon.

And that’s how this series was born. I figured we had so many handy tips and tricks stored up that we ought to share them with you. The world will need to be populated by great GeekMoms, GeekDads and GeekKids, after we get rid of those pesky zombies. In recent days I’ve been receiving some great emails from readers, with amazing links and suggestions. Some fit into categories I’ve already set up and some don’t. I’d love to share them all with you so forgive me if some of these posts tend to be random.

Here is a great video that was sent to me by Anna Pederson (the video is owned by Pimsleur Approach). It’s a great overview of the basics of surviving zombie attacks. I love the old-fashioned style. It makes me think of a video you’d watch while huddled in a bunker with a half dozen other survivors, trying to improve your chances of making it to another day.

I got a fun email this week from GeekMom writer Amy Kraft. Her friend took this picture. It’s a play house that a bunch of kindergartners decided to make into a zombie-free bunker. I guess they’re teaching zombie survival in kindergarten now, along with the standard snack time and proper ways to use glue that don’t involve ingesting it.

Zombie Free Play House Photo by Sarah Kotleba

Another good catch GeekMom Amy made was discovering this awesome gift idea in the New York Magazine gift guide. A reader named Isadora Tang is asking for these amazing axes for Christmas. She makes a great point, that they’ll look cool hanging on her wall, and will come in handy once the zombies hit. Great idea, Isadora. I’ve just updated my own wish list.

Photo: Victor Prado, axes courtesy of the vendor.

Tune in tomorrow because honestly, you never know what kind of wacky zombie related thing I’ll dig up in the meantime. Tomorrow’s post will be about helping your youngsters survive and thrive in the new world.

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