Moshi Luna Backlit Keyboard Review

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Moshi Luna Keyboard Day and Night  Image:
Moshi Luna Keyboard Day and Night / Image:

The Moshi Luna keyboard is my first keyboard that wasn’t wireless or didn’t come with my computer. I could tell the difference immediately when I took it out of the box. The acrylic glass that surrounds the keyboard gave it a sleek and neat appearance and the ergonomic design made me feel comfortable typing on it for long periods of time.

Designed for the night owl who doesn’t like to keep the light on when working, this keyboard has five brightness settings, including off. When checking it out, I found the brightest setting didn’t bother me when up close, but it was kind of distracting when looking at it from across the room or trying to sleep on the couch.

The keys themselves have a comforting glow to them. The real brightness is around the edges and depending the angle, right under the keys.

While typing, everything felt smooth and they felt evenly pushed than when pressed than on the cheaper keyboards of my past. It took some getting use to, but after a some Facebook and Twitter updates and researching online, I started to get used to it and enjoyed the experience.

For the price ($99 + shipping), it’s not a bad keyboard. It wasn’t painful to type on it for long periods of time and I’ve heard through some gamers that it’s not a bad keyboard for that either. It’s also compatible with both Mac and PC, so you can use this regardless of if you’re an Apple fan or not.

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