Grown-Up PJ Halloween Costumes



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See yourself transformed (CC by 2.0 squeezeomatic)

You may be a superhero or wild beast in bed. (Um, we’re talking dreams. This is a family-friendly site.)

Now you can look like your fantasy too with costume pj’s. While you’re at it, wear your festive jams to a Halloween party, when handing out goodies to trick or treaters, or while accompanying your kids door to door. You deserve to wear comfy footie pj’s in public at least once a year. Or more if you dare. A costume might amp up carpooling days.


pj costumes for adults, where the wild things are costume
Wild thing (


This outfit is called gray wolf  but it sure looks like what Max wore when he acted like a wild thing. It’s made of polar fleece and comes with fingerless gloves, a furry pin-on tail, and wolf hat.






adult Batman jammies, adult batman costume,
Holy onesies Batman (

Handy bat suit comes with a detachable cape, pockets, and feet that zip off. You may want to add your own utility belt for  bat-cuffs, bat light, bat pellets, and other bat essentials.







Godzilla (


Running would be a good idea? This one-size-fits-most suit can help you fulfill dinosaur or Godzilla






adult halloween costume, adult costume pj,
A hoot. (

Soft one-size-fits-most owl suit may bring on “who” jokes.







adult halloween jammies, adult costume pj's
Super jammies (

Feel extra super in this onesie suit with a detachable red cape and side pockets.






You might also consider jammie costumes such as green dragon, sock monkey,penguin, lion, cat, and fox. Or customize a pair of adult pj’s. It’s like wearing your dreams around, in public.

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