Green Toys Now Green Up Your Plates, Too

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Eco friendly plate ends horror of food touching. (Image:
Eco friendly plate ends horror of food touching. (Image:

Is plastic bad? Depends on the plastic.

I like soft cloth dolls and timeworn wooden trains, but I’m also a fan of Green Toys. They make wonderful products out of post-consumer recycled milk jugs, without any scary phthalates or BPA. Everything is made in the U.S. Even the packaging is constructed of 100 percent recycled materials.

Their product line-up is full of brightly colored baby and preschool toys like blocks, vehicles, and kitchen sets tough enough to handle outdoor play and sturdy enough to pass along to younger siblings. My fellow GeekMom Sarah likes them too. She says:

We have several of their toys. Just last night I was pulling apart Toby’s boat to run through the dishwasher thinking I should write a post about how awesome they are, just because.
We love their toys, so durable, so colorful and so easy to clean. Toby got two trucks in his first Christmas box and still plays with them. They are one of the things that we always buy for friends with kids.

Now the company has come out with Green Eats, a line of tableware.

I’m particularly fond of the divided plates, which come in four different colors. In my house each of my four kids has long been assigned the same color to uncomplicate issues with towels, drinking glasses, toothbrushes, and totes. Plates like these would help. They’d also end the horror of foods touching each other. Ahhh, peaceful dining the green way.

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