This Week With the GeekMoms


Dakster Sullivan has absolutely nothing planned this weekend! If she were to fantasize about doing something though, she would be on a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean or on a trip to Paris to explore the history of the city. Since both of those are out of her reach, she will be happy with some new comics and much deserved reading time.

To celebrate her 5-year wedding anniversary, Ariane‘s parents will babysit the kiddo this weekend… PARTY! In other news, Ariane finished watching the first season of Doctor Who on Netflix. She will miss Doctor #9. I guess it’s true what they say, you never forget your first Doctor.

Chaos Mandy is looking forward to having some girl time with her best friend. They will be taking their girls to enjoy some sunshine at a local park early on Saturday.

Patricia is enjoying having her boys home, and the calendar is nice and empty of rigid scheduled items for a couple weeks. There are plenty of outings on the calendar planned, such as trips to the Pensacola MESS Hall, the Pensacola Children’s Museum, Pensacola State College Planetarium, and the Florida State Museums in Tallahassee. The boys are going to be all Florida-ed out by the time school starts!

Kelly Knox is vacationing in the great state of Texas. Howdy, y’all! She plans to relax by the pool, read comics, and soak up the abundant sunshine.

Kris Bordessa‘s latest project – acting as Hawaii managing editor for a travel site that caters to visitors from China – has just launched. It’s a little surreal to see her words translated into Chinese. And we’re still doing the happy dance around here that the Lego Thinking with Portals project on Cuusoo achieved the necessary 10,000 votes to be considered for production. Now we wait until September and beyond for a decision from the folks at Lego.

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