Merry Christmas in July!

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Image: Microsoft Clip Art
Image: Microsoft Clip Art

The past couple of years, my little family has been starting some of our own family traditions. At Thanksgiving we have a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving lunch. In June we celebrate May the Fourth Be With You. In July we celebrate Christmas in July. Why? Because it’s fun and any excuse to get out our Santa hats and Christmas movies is good enough for us.

Christmas in July was first made popular by the 1940s movie of the same name. While celebrating the “holiday” is not nationally recognized, it’s pretty popular in my house. Two years ago, I decided to have some fun while my husband was out of the house. I got out a small Christmas tree, ornaments, Santa hats, and our Christmas movies. When he came home, the house was alive with the sounds of the Christmas season.

After looking at me like I had gone nuts, he jumped in and joined Brandon and me for a Christmas movie marathon.

Now, every year on July 25th, we get out some of our decorations, movies, and Santa hats, to celebrate Christmas in July. Last year I had to work on the holiday, so I took my Santa hat with me to work. My coworkers didn’t think anything of it (mostly because it was me and they know I’m weird like that). As soon as I got home, my husband had my favorite Christmas movie in the Blu-ray player ready to go.

We watch everything from the Grinch to Scrooge. We try to stay home all day, but if we have to leave the house, we listen to our Christmas albums and sing carols in the car.

Every year we bump it up a notch. Last year, my husband brought out one of our inflatable yard decorations and this year, I plan on getting a couple of small gifts for the tree.

So from my family to yours, Merry Christmas in July!


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