Geode Digital Wallet: What Do You Think?

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Geode by iCache is the latest in digital wallet technology. After watching the video, I was convinced that it was something I could use. We are, after all, becoming a society of the smaller, the better. From computers starting to fit in the palm of our hand to Bluetooth devices that fit inside your ear, this device seems to fit in with our society’s fast paced future.

The Geode helps combine all of your little plastic cards into one handy little app and a single card. I have my reserves about it, though. I don’t like to place all my eggs in one basket. The website claims that the technology is secure and even if lost, no one could access your information without your fingerprint. I’ll be testing that theory out as well as others when I get my hands on one of these in the near future.

According to iCache’s website, Geode comes in four color combinations and retails for around $199.

So, now I’d like to ask you…does this technology excite you or scare you? Do you feel comfortable putting all your precious plastic cards into one and carrying one combined card?



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