And the Winner of the Star Wars Tom Tom Giveaway Is…

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Jango Fett in a car
Photo By Dakster

The force is with Scott Hamilton, our lucky random winner in the Star Wars Tom Tom Giveaway! Scott has won himself a Tom Tom VIA 1535TM and Star Wars voice download compliments of Tom Tom.

A big thank you to everyone who entered. Some of you really showed us just how much you know about the Star Wars movies. Here’s a small taste of some of our favorites:

“Hmmmmm…. No day care in this system. I guess Boba can just tag along with me to Geonosis. No harm in that.” – Charles B.

“Take a left at Jabba’s palace, then a right at the Lars homestead. Then proceed 20 parsecs pass the Sarlaac pit. You have now arrived at your destination.” –  TB9612

“What do you mean no place named Alderan? It was there a minute ago!” – Missy D.

“After being recruited, Jango’s next challenge was to FIND kamino (since SOMEBODY removed it from the star charts)” – StiltMom

“New ride, and a new Tom Tom device! Now if I can only find Aayla Secura’s voice to download….” – Dave Y.

“I feel like I’m going to lose my head!” – Jenny B.

“This is not the route you are looking for.” – Janelle

“How do I navigate out of the prequels?!” – Homa

“Always a pleasure to meet a … wait, why are you taking me to the Jedi Temple!?” – Riley

“Sir, the odds of successfully navigating the Maryland interstate are approximately 3,721:1.”

“…Never tell me the odds!” – Dave Z.


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