A Look Back at My First Experiences in the Comic Book World

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As the DC Comics New 52 Justice League and Justice League International Volume 1 are released, I’ve been looking back at my first experiences in the comic book world. Since January, a few of my articles ended up on DC Comics Facebook page, I met both Tony Bedard and Dan Didio, and I made a new comic book friend in Bill McCray. Comic Book Corner on GeekMom is going strong and I enjoy not only contributing, but also reading the other GeekMoms’ take on the comic book world.

When I first started reading the new 52, I was really excited that I was getting a fresh start with some of my favorite characters. I’m happy to say that not only am I still reading the series I started with, but my love for the characters has forced me to start reading some of their individual series as well.

Justice League is holding their own and the first issue has already gone back to print for a record seventh time. The story keeps getting better and never lets me down. I am really enjoying the mix of action and humor between the characters. Green Lantern has been a nice compliment to the Flash and proving he has a few smart tailed comments of his own. I’m interested to see how Colonel Trevor’s storyline turns out. He appears to be having issues of his own.

Justice League International is another great storyline that I’m enjoying. Booster Gold is proving to be a pretty good leader. Batman continues to be like a big brother, but his attitude is still anything but soft. Godiva is growing in confidence and even started to have a touch of her own attitude in issue #8. I was a little upset at the loss of Rocket Red during the explosion, but I’m also happy it wasn’t a character I’m more attached to.

The Green Lantern has become a series that I look forward to every month. The story confused me at first, but it wasn’t anything my friend Bill McCray couldn’t help me through. I’m really intrigued by the Green Lantern Guardian’s behavior and what’s going on with them. I’ve never heard anything but good things about them, so to see them as the bad guys is really interesting to me. I’d also like to see if Sinestro keeps his “good-guy” streak and doesn’t turn on Hal Jordan.

I’ve also started to fall in love with New 52 World’s Finest. I’m thinking their timeline is the same as the Justice League. Both of the main characters seem to be really good friends and easy to relate to. Huntress doesn’t appear to care about going back home, while going home is all that Kara thinks about. I can’t wait for the next issue to see how the fight with “big ugly” turns out and learn more about their lives in their new home.

Superman was a little slow for me, but eventually it picked up. I realize that not everyone is happy with Lois Lane’s new position, but I think she’s holding her own and still has a strong place in the story-line. It’s not something I’m reading every week, but I pick up a back issue or two on weeks when my other comics don’t come out.

As for my other comic book experiences, I’ve been in Geek heaven. At Megacon this past March, I was able to talk with several individuals about my comic book reading experience so far. It was nice to meet comic book fans who were nicer than some of the trolls on my articles. A major plus was meeting Tony Bedard and Dan Didio and discovering that they are as down to earth as the typical boy next door. Those brief conversations are still some of my favorite Megacon moments. My first comic book article, DC Comics New 52 from a Newbies point of view, was on DC Comics Facebook and Twitter threads. This was a huge boost in my confidence levels.

Since I first started reading comic books this past January, I have started to look forward to my weekly trip to Coliseum of Comics by my house. My son Brandon has also become a fan of the comic book world and it’s one of the things to which I attribute his high scores in reading. Currently his favorite series is Sonic the Hedgehog and he’s enjoying it in both digital and paperback form.

I still have some comic book dreams I would love to see happen (like getting a tour of DC Comics home base and meeting a few more writers/artists from my favorite series). For now, I am really happy that I found the comic book world and continuing my love for not only the characters, but the art form as well.

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