Giveaway and Review: Gogo’s Crazy Bones For Nintendo DS

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Gogo's Crazy Bones, Image: Game Mill

Although Gogo’s Crazy Bones is a new release, the Gogos themselves are collectible toys that have been around for years as colorful little characters that you collect and then duel against each other. Multiple series are available with more on the way this summer so there are hundreds of Gogos out there for kids to collect. Now they’ve selected 30 of the most popular Gogos and put them together to battle it out on your Nintendo DS.

You start with just a few levels and limited Gogos, but as you play you can unlock them all and experience more than 70 different levels of puzzles and battles. Much like with the physical toys, each Gogo has his own special ability and personality so choosing which Gogo to use for each challenge is a part of the fun. Some of the games will also be familiar to collectors, like Knock Out, Battle, and Basket Attacks which are playable as real world duels with the toys.

With so many Gogos to combine and plenty of levels, this game has huge potential for re-playability. My kids really enjoyed picking out who they’d use each time, paying a lot more attention to how they looked than anything else, but that’s part of what makes it fun for kids. The gameplay itself wasn’t complicated, although it took a few tries to get the hang of the controls. Shooting the Gogos through the air to smack into each other or land in baskets was a fun but not frustrating challenge. Kids will have a good time with this one, and the music is actually cute and fun to listen to so parents won’t be cringing.

GoGo’s Crazy Bones is available now for $29.99 but we’re giving you a chance to win a copy of the game along with a Silver Collector Tin, a Gold Series Collector Tin and a Sticker Album! All you need to do is leave a comment below by midnight on Friday, April 20th. (Contest open to continental US only.) Good luck!

A copy of this game was provided for review.

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28 thoughts on “Giveaway and Review: Gogo’s Crazy Bones For Nintendo DS

  1. My son is a fan of Gogo’s and just got a DS this year for Christmas. He would love this!

  2. Ha, my sons have gathered up quite a few of these over time, but I had no idea they had a name… I thought they were just assorted gashapon! Thanks for clearing up the mystery, and for the contest opportunity!

  3. My son would love this. We were at Gamestop this past weekend and he had a hard time picking between this and the Pokemon game he eventually selected.

  4. Go-Go Power! My 7 year-old son is slightly obsessed and this would be an awesome surprise for his upcoming birthday!

  5. My 5 year old daughter loves these little guys. They provide fuel for amazing stories she creates and shares. I wonder how the game will compare to her imagination?

  6. My kid loves Gogo bones and his DS.

    Funny, I just got an error saying I posted my comment too quickly. So much for trying to be brief…

  7. My son would really enjoy this game. He has several of these figures. They play well with other action figures like Imaginext. That way you can really mix things up.

  8. My son loves those! We are waiting for the price to go down on the DS version. I’d be a hero if I wont it for him 🙂

  9. They were better before they added the GoGo’s bit to name. It was around 10 years ago they first came out I think, because they were attempting to ressurect an ancient Egyptian pass-time played with knuckle bones, but the games were essentially the same.

  10. My kids would absolutely love this game! The like the brand but love being interactive and this would be a great game for them to share.

  11. my kids both love these & would love to have this game for their ds’s. thanks. 10750coupons at gmail

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