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Welcome to GeekMom Comic Book Corner – New Releases this Week

Are you a newbie to comic books and don’t know where to start? How about a veteran looking for new reads or an interesting conversation? Every Wednesday, some of the GeekMom writers will be posting up about the comic book world. We will be writing about everything from DC to Marvel,  graphic novels to Manga.

Now on with the show…

For those interested in a longer recap, check out my essay on the New 52 Superman and Batman.

New Releases for the week of March 7th: Corrina

The week can’t go by without pointing to DC Comics’ new, shiny website. What I like most is that it seems to provide more information in a less busy way. Digital comics are clearly marked, there’s a nice slideshow on top, and a quick navigation bar and it’s great that the “We Can Be Heroes” project for the horn of Africa is so prominent.

Green arrow, Ann Nocenti
Cover to Green Arrow #7

Green Arrow #7 deserves mention with the debut of the new creative team of Ann Nocenti and artist Harvey Tolibao.

Those wanting to check out a Marvel title yet are unsure where to start could try Avengers Academy #27 which features The Runaways, a teenage team who banded together because their parents are super villains.

New Releases for March 7th – Dakster Sullivan

I love Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Why? Because Tuesday is the day the previews of the latest comic books are released and Wednesdays they are finally released. I decide what to buy on Tuesday and then Wednesday it’s time to support my local comic book store.

This week I am no less excited seeing some of the interesting titles coming to a comic book store near me. My favorite on the list is Justice League International #7. The past few issues the team has been in formation and dealing with a major villain, Peraxxus, all at the same time. In issue #6 they were finally able to relax a little and finally embrace being a team. The cliffhanger at the end left me speechless. I look forward to seeing how the team is now after such a blast during what should have been a happy moment for them all.

Another one on the list that has my attention (and I am sure my 6-year-old son) is the new Toy Story four-part series. It’s nice to see a kid-friendly book on the list. Looks like I have another one to add to the shopping list.

Recommended Comics from Cathe Post

As a kid, I had a special distaste in my heart for reading. One of the few things my parents could get me to read at night was…errrrr….the Garfield strip collections. There. I admitted it. It’s like a dirty little secret I’ve been holding in. Thankfully, there are now many more comic book options for early readers to get their geeky little hands on.

My currents picks are the new releases from Toon Books. Chick & Chickie Play All Day! is a level 1 (grade K-1) comic book featuring the letter “A” and all of the sounds it can make as the two chicks play with, and terrorize, their playmate. The book is cleverly written and very cute.

Zig and Wikki in The Cow is a level 3 comic book (grade 2-3) story following two alien friends, Zig and Wikki, as they learn all sorts of scientific facts about farms. Along the way, the two characters also learn valuable lessons in friendship. I have read several of the Toon Books, and this one might be my favorite. It has something for everyone. Aliens, friendship, bright colors, animals, science, and a really cute story.

Both of these titles are available on Amazon for under $10 and are an excellent way to get your child excited about reading. You can also find other Toon Book titles on Amazon or on the Toon Book site itself.

Looking for something else, readers? Check out this week’s listed books from DC and Marvel:

Action Comics #7

Animal Man #7

Batman: Birth Of Demon Trade Paperback

Batwing #7

Beyond The Fringe #1

Dc Universe Online Legends #25 of 26

Detective Comics #7

Fairest #1

Flashpoint Trade Paperback

Gotham City Sirens Trade Paperback  Vol. 4

Green Arrow #7

Hawk And Dove #7

Huntress #6 of 6

Izombie #23

Justice League International #7

Men Of War #7

Night Force #1 of 6

O.M.A.C #7

Red Lanterns #7

Static Shock #7

Stormwatch #7

Superman Last Stand Trade Paperback Vol. 2

Supernatural #6 of 6

Swamp Thing #7

Sweet Tooth #31

Wonder Woman Odyssey Hard Cover  Vol. 2



 Age Of Apocalypse #1

Amazing Spider-Man #681

Astonishing Thor Trade Paperback

Avengers Academy #27

Avengers Children’s #9 of 9

Defenders #4

Fi Avengers Academy Premium Hard Cover

Fi Fearless #10 of 12

Fi Invincible Iron Man Hard Cover

Hulk #49

Marvel Previews 2012 Extras

Marvels Avengers Prelude #1

Thor Deviants Saga #5 of 5

Toy Story #1 of 4

Uc Spider-Man #8

Uncanny X-Men #8

Venom #14

Villains For Hire #4 of 4

Winter Soldier #3

Wolverine #302

Wolverine X-Men Alpha #3 of 5

X-Club #4 of 5

X-Men #26

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to GeekMom Comic Book Corner

  1. Hey. Been looking for comics for my almost 5 y.o. daughter-creature so thanx for the post.

    Are there ANY marvel or DC or indie books that feature girl supers (aged 5-10)?

    Power Pack from the 80s might work…

    My daughter knows Spiderman, Batman, and Superman and asked me to tell her stories about them. I need a girl hero and WonderWoman is too mature. I’m just about to troll through Netflix and see if they have something, but I want a comic book.

    Any ideas?

    1. There’s a great independent series called “Leave it To Chance” written by James Robinson about a young girl with magical powers whose father is a magician. She has adventures with a dragon, IIRC, and it’s a really fun book.

      There’s also DC’s Tiny Titans, which might be collected by now.

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