Pot ‘o Gold Bento Lunch

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Let your little ones find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with this easy Saint Patrick’s Day themed Bento Lunch.

I used half a hard-boiled egg to be the pot of gold. If you’re feeling especially ambitious you can use black food coloring or nori (dried seaweed) to make the “pot” black.

For the rainbow I colored leftover rice with food coloring and molded them into logs. To keep from getting food coloring on my hands, I put the rice in a piece of plastic wrap and used the plastic wrap both to mix in the color and mold them into logs.

To round out the lunch I added in the fruit and veggies I had on hand, in this case baby corn and blackberries. The blackberries are in a silicone muffin cup because my daughter doesn’t like her fruit and veggies to mix. (I’ve also used muffin papers in a pinch. Sometimes I’ll use a lettuce leaf as a “shield” instead, depending on what I have on hand.)  I tucked the other egg half in there as well.

What are your lucky lunch ideas?

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