Follow the Calendar’s Command – March Forth!

Take a chance! Photo: Judy Berna

If your family is like most geek families these days, life revolves around the calendar. It tells you when to drag the kids to the dentist, which day next week is a half day for your second grader, and what time the gang is meeting up on Friday to play Settlers of Catan. But on only one day of the year does your calendar make a command.

March fourth. Or…March FORTH!

I wrote a post about it last year and felt like you might need a reminder. Today will be a day you need to do something bold. Do something out of the ordinary. March forth, doing something you didn’t do on ordinary days like March sixth, or June seventh.

A few days ago I told you about the Leap Year Project. It’s a similar idea – make this unique day a chance to do something different. Write a letter to an old friend, a real letter, written on paper and mailed in an envelope. Pay for the coffee of the frazzled mom behind you in the line at Starbucks. If you are the frazzled mom, take a minute to slow down and share an unexpected treat with your children. It can be as simple as eating dessert first at dinner tonight. Or literally marching around the living room with your preschoolers, maybe to the sound track of The Lion King (our favorite marching music!).

Two special days fell in one week this year – our bonus day of Leap Day, and the only day on the calendar that makes a command. Are you going to accept the challenge, and March Forth with gusto?

Feel free to leave a comment, sharing your own crazy ideas, the way you chose to March Forth or Take a Leap.

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