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Indulge the green urge in an artfully fresh way, by letting a plant accompany you on your travels. It’s easy. Simply tuck a sprig in a movable container, then get moving.

Consider taking succulents for a bike ride. The planters were digitally created with modeling  software, 3 D printed out of nylon, hand dyed and sealed by WearablePlanter.  Who knows, the planters might also fit on a stroller.

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For ladies (or gents) who’d like to sport a vintage vase, try a lapel pin fashioned from the hollow handle of an antique silver-plated knife by TheFashionEdge.

The blade, of course, is missing but let’s remember that “blade” is a poetic way to refer to a sword or one who wields a sword. Perhaps such a pin will remind the wearer just how sharp he or she can be.  Or at least how sharp a dresser.

You might prefer sleek earring vases, perfectly sized to hold a flower or two. Designed by Samantha Lockwood of Fleurings, they capitalize on the way people react to someone wearing flowers.

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Lockwood found that when she wore flowers people were more positive, engaging, and complimentary. As Lockwood notes, “flowers are created by nature to attract animals by shape, color, and scent. Flowers are designed to lure us in with positive energy. They are the perfect accessory to brighten your mood and make others feel happy too.” She began designing tiny wearable vases (earrings, pins, and necklaces) so flowers could last through the day and her business was born.

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Or you can choose from a number of necklace planters, like a handcrafted copper pendant brimming with moss potted in its native soil by blacksmith and artist David Savedge of CopperHead, a ceramic planter by StoneBlossomStudio, a hand molded pottery planter by NAsHandcraftedGifts, or a a miniature glass vial filled with moss for a pendant terrarium crafted by DoodleBirdie.

If you’re inspired to create your own wearable plant containers, there are plenty of supplies to choose from. Create your own out of clay, metal, or moldable plastic. Or start with dollhouse-sized porcelain flower pots, wooden pots , metal buckets, or strawberry planters. Attach jump rings for the chain or cord by drilling or adhering with rubber cement.

You may prefer to make a terrarium pendant using corked vials or bottles, following the instructions on Suggested plants include lichen, moss, and air plant. For more terrarium information consult Terrarium Craft and The New Terrarium

Now start having adventures with your plants!



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