Snowflake Physiology

Image via flickr user Juliancolton2

Here in my little part of the United States, we have snow in the forecast for the first time this week. Snow always brings out the kid in me. Probably because it is such a special occasion here: It will snow, the snow will linger on the ground for just a few days, and then melt–so we don’t usually have to deal with it very long…

If you have ever wondered how snowflakes form, expand your weather knowledge and read all about it.

[Editor’s Note: Here’s another explanation by GeekMom’s resident meteorologist, Patricia Vollmer, on the formation of Beautiful Dendrites.]

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2 thoughts on “Snowflake Physiology

  1. The NOAA link wouldn’t open for me 🙁

    I love when it actually snows during the day while I have math students in my classroom. I let the kids know that when snow is forecast they should bring coats and gloves to my room. I give them laminated snowflake ID sheets and black paper. They are amazed at the different shapes they were able to identify.

    We also read about Snowflake Bentley and his amazing snowflake photography.

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