The Problem With Security Questions

Image: Screenshot

Ah the security question. The bastion of internet safety, the protector of our identities, guardian against credit card theft. Or the baffler of addle minded internet shopping junkies like me? My mother has no middle name. I have not had a nickname in 12 years. My first pet is debatable, do I count the cat I barely remember, or was it the fish that I do remember. Which did I choose that day? Sometimes I am left with questions that are nonsensical to my life. The first time one of the sites I use at work asked for my nickname, it took me twenty minutes to figure out what I might have told them when I set the account up three weeks prior. No I didn’t write it down, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a security question?

So here are my suggested security questions for the powers that be:

  • Apple or PC?
  • Han Solo or Indiana Jones?
  • Princess Leia or Seven-of-Nine?
  • Star Trek or Star Wars?
  • What is your handle on your MMORPG of choice?
  • Choose your ship: Serenity or Moya?
  • Wesley Crusher – yes or no?
  • Magic the Gathering or AD and D?

These are things I can remember! Join with me in my crusade for questions that always have an answer, and always the right one for you.

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