Nerd Wars on Ravelry!

Jenny of Nerd Wars Team UU (the Discworld Team) made the Unseen University supercomputer Hex's mouse in response to the Nerd Wars technical challenge. Photo: Jenny Crusie, used with permission

Are you a geek who knits or crochets?  Are you a member of Ravelry, the social network for knitters and crocheters?

If you answered “Yes” to both of these questions, check out Ravelry’s Nerd Wars page and visit the Nerd Wars’ own blog page to see 25 geek-inspired teams compete in knitting and crocheting to pay homage to Nerd Culture.  Competitor Jennifer Crusie provided GeekMom links and explanations of her entries for this year’s tournament.  Jenny’s team is Team UU, which stands for Unseen University, the school of wizardry in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld fantasy novel series.  Most of Team UU’s entries tie back to the Discworld stories, and Jenny’s storytelling in her picture descriptions are so much fun.  (It probably helps that Jenny is New York Times Bestselling Author Jennifer Cruise.)

*Aside from editor Corrina–if you love her descriptions, her books are just that funny, too.

The imagination going into these entries are great!

Here’s Jenny’s explanation of the mouse amigarumi pictured above:

This time, the technical [challenge] was about angles.  The Discworld’s supercomputer is called Hex and it has its own mouse, so I made Hex’s mouse, sitting on a hexagon in homage to its boss.

If you want to take a quick trip through the teams’ most recent entries, Ravelry members can visit the Nerd Wars project site.  Unfortunately, this year’s tournament is closed, but you can stay tuned for when next year’s kicks off!

Enjoy a sampling of Jenny’s other entries in this year’s tournament.

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