More Geeky Tattoos!


We had some fun, creative comments on the post we did last about science related tattoos. One commenter pointed out that Odd Stuff Magazine had their own gallery of interesting, and even geeky tattoos. I’m telling you, as a non-tattooed person (not yet, at least), these galleries make me really think about taking the plunge.

Here’s a great series of more science related tats.

And here’s a series of tattoos that are just plain unique and creative. My favorite? The tiny light saber finger. So clever, and sure to open up some interesting conversations.



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1 thought on “More Geeky Tattoos!

  1. That’s pretty cool! But I’m not the biggest fan of star wars, maybe I’ll look up some quotes and just get a plain simple text tattoo since these tattoos can’t stir in any original ideas into my brain, just need to find some
    tattoo quotes and sayings and I’ll be on my marry way! 🙂

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